Support for Citizen-based Volunteer Monitoring

Administered by River Network
Administered by River Network

River Network is pleased to announce the creation of a restricted fund, administered without charge, to raise money for important river monitoring work, in tribute to the life’s work of Geoff Dates.  The Monitoring Fund (the “Fund”) is described below.

We are currently inviting donors and those interested in serving as founding board members to contact us. If you would like to donate to the fund or are interesting in helping with our efforts, please complete the form in the Contact Us section of this web site. We will be in touch.

Once there is a sufficient balance to open a separate investment account, monies in the fund will be invested in socially and environmentally screened publicly traded securities. Annually, awards will be given out in the form of grants to volunteer monitoring groups*.  Ideally the Fund will become large enough to sustain itself and make awards from earnings.

Citizen volunteer monitoring groups often lack even minimal funding necessary to secure the purchase of basic water quality monitoring equipment. Several hundred to several thousand dollars worth of equipment can make a huge difference. A few hundred dollars enables a group to purchase a colorimeter to monitor phosphorus pollution. Several thousand dollars can provide a group with the means to establish an ongoing bacteria monitoring program.

The Fund will initially focus on supporting groups in the New England region, but will eventually expand support to groups throughout North America. Grants will primarily be for the purposes of enabling groups to purchase equipment or for other one-time expenditures to increase their monitoring capacity.  All recipients will be 501(c)(3) organizations.  Final approval of grants will be provided by River Network, but the Advisory Board will make all recommendations.

The fund does not currently accept unsolicited proposals. We hope that this will change as the fund grows and we can support volunteer monitoring in more places.

When you donate below, your gift will go to River Network for this specific purpose and be counted in the Fund which will be separately invested as soon as it has sufficient amounts to create an account.  Your tax deductible receipt will come from River Network (this website is maintained privately by friends of Geoff and admirers of his work).

Please note: River Network will be setting up donation buttons below for this fund by September 1, 2011

For one-time donations only:.
Donate Button will appear here for one-time contribution to dedicated River Network account.
For annual support. Preferred!
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Option 1: $100 yearly
Option2:  $250 yearly
Option 3: $500 yearly
Option 4: $1,000 yearly
Option 5: $2,500 yearly
Option 6: $5,000 yearly
* If for some reason  the fund does not grow over time, the remaining principal in the fund may be distributed in the form of grants to volunteer monitoring groups and the fund closed.